Card Manufacturers

The easiest way to take control of your production quality

Card manufacturers must ensure all elements of their product (contact / contactless EMV chip, magnetic stripe, embossing, PAN etc) are to the highest quality, are consistent and comply with the relevant ISO/ payment industries standards and specifications. This is vital to ensure products are certified first-time by payment schemes, and do not face device interoperability issues when used by the end customer.

Card manufacturers worldwide rely on Barnes Test Tools to strengthen their QA systems

To prevent costly certification failures or the issuance of defective cards which can damage the reputation of the manufacturer and it's client, product quality issues need to be quickly identified, analysed and resolved - before certification or product issuance. This is where Barnes Test Tools for magnetic stripe, chip card and mobile payments come in.

Barnes works closely with card manufacturers around the world to ensure their chip and magnetic stripe products are of the highest quality, compliant with industry standards and interoperable with card acceptance devices.

"Barnes is a strong partner for testing of all products in the dz card group. We are very happy with the quality and service as well as the personal touch given by the management."

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