Financial Institutions and Card Issuers

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Barnes has been working with banks and card issuers globally for over 15 years. We have supported the migration of EMV as it's progressed across the globe and have a team in place to support current developments worldwide, particularly in the Americas and Asia Pacific

Testing prior to certification improves efficiency of EMV card issuance

Our Test Tools are selected by our customers to provide them with confidence and certainty as they develop new EMV contact, contactless and mobile payment applications. The tools are used prior to putting products forward for formal payment scheme certification, which can otherwise consume a lot of time and budget if products are not pre-tested. We work closely with the Payment Schemes and therefore our test tools are always aligned to the latest payment scheme specifications. Barnes customers can at any time download the latest test scripts from our website.

Barnes test tool supports issuance of over 60 million EMV cards at leading South African bank, First National Bank

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"Burgan Bank continually aims to provide the best quality products and services to meet the changing and growing demands of its valued consumers. Selecting the Barnes test tool is part of our pngoing commitment to our customers to invest in technology which creates added value and convenience through the implementation of best practices."

Burgan Bank, Kuwait

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