Mobile Network Operators

Realise the full potential of NFC mobile payments

GlobalPlatform standards for SIM security are becoming ever more widely adopted. Payment over NFC is a well proven technology and is benefiting from the introduction of Host Card Emulation (HCE) standards. Barnes is working with the industry and Mobile Network Operators who wish to develop GlobalPlatform qualified products or alternative HCE products.

Validate mobile payment applications over NFC, SWP and ISO interfaces

Barnes offers tools for personalisation validation during payment application development and GlobalPlatform certification tools which are very useful for Mobile Network Operators to test payment applications in SIM cards or over NFC. Barnes' personalisation validation tools can test payment applications over NFC, SWP and ISO interfaces and cover testing of HCE applications. Payment Scheme mobile specifications are covered by the tools.

Clouding The Issue: Contactless payment cards, mobile phones and “The Cloud”

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