Payment Schemes

Maintain standards and run efficient card certification programs

Barnes has been working with international payment schemes for over 15 years, principally Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We have supported the migration of EMV as it's progressed across the globe and have a team in place to support multiple development projects. Our Test Tools are selected to provide the schemes with a flexible and scalable test solution for their card certification processes. Using Barnes as the certification engine ensures efficient testing and rapid development/extension of existing specification coverage.

We work collaborately to ensure Issuers develop and deliver the best EMV products

We work particularly closely with the Payment Schemes and their nominated laboratory partners. Our test tools are always developed to the highest standards with test scripts and cases aligned to the latest payment scheme specifications. Our framework ensures that card products and payment applications in mobile devices are tested against the latest requirements. You and your customers, the issuers, get the very best support and thus are able to develop card products more efficiently.

Payment Schemes we support

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