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In order to remain up to date with the latest requirements from EMV and the payment scheme operators, as well to take advantage of Barnes' ongoing development, the software must be kept up to date.

Please note that only current software is supported by Barnes International Ltd.

It is essential to update your tool to the latest version to ensure your cards are tested against the latest standards/specifications.

It has always been Barnes' policy to keep in touch with our customers to ensure they receive the best possible support and notification of the latest software upgrades. To facilitate this task we ask that a few details be entered in the form below.

For assistance or updates for old CPT3000 and CAT3000v2 software, which are now wholly out of date, please contact Barnes.

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For the convenience of our customers we are making available here drivers for some of the USB connected card readers used with our test tools. Please note that these drivers may not be the latest available, you are strongly advised to check the manufacturer's web site first.

NB Readers connected using a serial port do not require drivers, those using the serial to USB adapter only need a driver for the adapter.

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