Barnes International grows smart card test tools business across Middle East

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Barnes International, a global smart card test tool leader and supplier to Banks, Issuers, Card Manufacturers, Personalisation Bureaux and Test Laboratories, today announced new clients for their magnetic stripe and EMV test tools and training across the Middle East. By selecting Barnes’ test solutions and EMV training, these organisations can: assure the quality of their cards; speed up EMV contact, contactless and mobile payments product development; simplify payment scheme certification; and reduce card issuance costs.

Barnes solutions include magnetic stripe analysers and EMV chip test tools; they are used worldwide by card manufacturers and test laboratories to ensure the development and manufacture of high-quality cards which meet ISO, CQM and EMV requirements. Card quality assurance is one of the reasons why financial institutions, issuers and personalisation bureaux choose Barnes, but they have the added requirement to ensure their chip debit and credit cards and mobile payment products meet the requirements and recommendations of their chosen payment scheme, such as American Express, MasterCard or Visa.

Barnes’ new customers in the Middle East include:

Burgan Bank, Kuwait – One of the largest banks in Kuwait, Burgan Bank recently selected the Barnes CPT 3000v3 EMV card personalisation validation test tool to support new product development of their MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards. The tool also enables the bank to quickly resolve cardholder issues when a card doesn’t perform as expected in the field by allowing them to easily simulate and test real-life scenarios until the error is detected and corrected.

Abdessatar Abidli, Manager – Cards & System Operations states “Burgan Bank continually aims to provide the best quality products and services to meet the changing and growing demands of its valued consumers. Selecting the Barnes test tool is part of our ongoing commitment to our customers to invest in technology which creates added value and convenience through the implementation of best practices.”

United Security Printing (a division of United Printing and Publishing), UAE – United Security Printing (USP) is the security printing division of United Printing and Publishing (UPP), one of the largest printing companies in the UAE. They offer full production, personalisation, fulfilment and distribution services for ISO and smart cards all under one roof. In order to ensure the highest level of quality to their international customer base, they recently invested in the Barnes REVO magnetic stripe analyser and CPT 3000v3CL EMV card personalisation validation test tool (contactless option), as well as EMV training.

Vijayandhran Ganesan – Director, United Security Printing comments “Delivering the highest quality security solutions to our customers is fundamental to our continued success. To enable us to manage our clients’ card programmes and complex security needs with flexibility, reliability and confidence we invest in the latest technologies, and source the best industry experience and global expertise. It is for those reasons we chose Barnes to deliver EMV training and are implementing the Barnes magnetic stripe and EMV chip test tools in our Security Printing facilities. We are extremely happy about the conscious decision we took of having Barnes alongside us and their support has been much more than any customer could expect.”

Brian Summerhayes, Managing Director, Barnes International says “Our smart card test solutions are selected time and time again for their ability to reliably assure high-quality card manufacturing and personalisation, and to help issuers roll out innovative and certified payment products – regardless of the card payment scheme, payment type or acceptance device. As the region continues to experience an increasing demand for contactless payments, we look forward to enabling ours client to deliver perfect payment solutions to their customers with our easy-to-use and accurate tools supported by expert training and support.”

Barnes will be showcasing their magnetic stripe and EMV smart card test tools at Cards and Payments Middle East taking place on the 13-14 May at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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