Magnetic Tape and Ticket Manufacturers

Fast, reliable and accurate mag-stripe testing

Magnetic media (tape) manufacturers must ensure all elements of their product are to the highest quality, and consistent and valid to the ISO 7811 standards in every aspect. This is vital to ensure their products meet their customers need, are durable, can be personalised and do not face read accuracy issues when used by the end customer.

Magnetic stripe ticket manufacturers need to make sure their products, whether using tape or slurry meet ISO 7811 standards to ensure they can be written to and have good long term readability.

Quality assured to ISO and CQM standards

To prevent costly product failures or the issuance of product which can damage the reputation of the manufacturer and it's client, product quality issues need to be quickly identified, analysed and resolved - during product development and manufacturing. This is where Barnes Test Analysers for magnetic stripe come in.

Barnes works with all leading tape and ticket manufacturers around the world to ensure their magnetic stripe products are of the highest quality, compliant with ISO and CQM industry standards and interoperable with card acceptance devices

"As a manufacturer of magnetic stripe under the CFC brand name we need to be looking at our product in exactly the same way as our customers are doing; as it became apparent that the Barnes tester was increasingly becoming the standard mag tester of choice around the world it was an easy decision to purchase one from Barnes for our own in-house process control tests."

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