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As a trusted service provider to card issuers, personalisation bureaus must be able to assure the quality of their operations. Data processing errors or cards “jumping” during the personalisation process can lead to invalid cards being dispatched to cardholders, the results of which could be anything from the costs of re-issuing the cards to the loss of a major client.

It’s not a risk worth taking, which is why Barnes works with personalisation bureaus around the world to provide the very best personalisation validation QC tools and magnetic stripe analysers for encoded card testing.

Stay ahead of the competition with 100% EMV card quality control

With a Barnes CPT integrated into the card personalisation process, bureaus can validate 100% of the cards as they come off their personalisation machines to ensure the highest quality standards are being maintained throughout each batch and ensuring a competitive edge. Barnes works with the leading technology suppliers to provide this unique capability.

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“Barnes is a strong partner for all testing of products in dz card group. We are very happy with the quality and service as well as the personal touch given by the management. Thanks!”

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Advances towards 100% card personalisation quality control

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