Magnetic Stripe Analysers

Ensure you deliver the highest quality magnetic media, cards and tickets

Companies who aim to deliver the highest quality magnetic media products to their clients choose Barnes Magnetic Stripe Analysers. Magnetic stripe producers, card and ticket manufacturers and bureaus use them for ISO and CQM testing, production quality control, encoding equipment maintenance and development.


Reduce costs and risks of issuing invalid EMV chip cards, magnetic stripe media and all types of magnetic tickets.

ISO and/or CQM quality control testing of magnetic stripe media and encoded magnetic stripes is required by all companies involved in the manufacture, personalisation and issuance of EMV chip cards to ensure the global interoperability of chip card and payment devices.

Used by

Tape and card manufacturers

Test laboratories

Personalisation bureaus

Essential for

QC testing in production and pre-certification testing of EMV cards

Chip vendor quality control


Reduce the costs and risks of issuing invalid EMV chips cards

Improve inward quality control and supply chain management of chip vendors

Most accurate analyser for the widest range of magnetic media

Magnetic stripe analyser – all media
Mag-Tester Revo

The Mag-Tester Revo is the most accurate magnetic stripe analyser available today for testing media of all types, shapes, sizes and thicknesses including cards, tickets, ATBs and bank books. Certification standard measurement accuracy is achieved through a linear optical encoder, automated operations and powerful data analysis tools, making the Mag-Tester Revo the first choice of Certification Laboratories worldwide, as well as for manufacturing quality control.

Solution Highlights

  • Widely used by magnetic tape and card manufacturers and test laboratories for quality control and product development.
  • Delivers high-precision testing of unencoded and encoded HiCo, LoCo and 650 Oersted magnetic stripes to ISO, CQM and others standards.
  • Tests all different shapes, sizes and thicknesses of magnetic stripe media, including cards, tickets, ATB, Edmundson tickets, bank passbooks and other documents.

Cardel purchased a Barnes Revo test machine to supplement and enhance existing testing ability for our prelaid mag stripe on overlay production. The equipment is used by our production operators and R&D technicians continually every day for checking the quality of our mag stripe materials and for batch release testing of our magnetic stripe prelaid overlay products. Ease of use is, in my opinion, best in the market and the quality and performance of the machine is consistent. The ability to test a range of materials without having to adjust the head height or pressure is particularly beneficial.

Marshall Haldane, CEO, Cardel Ltd

Which Mag-Tester is best for you?

Fast, reliable and accurate ISO and Mastercard CQM testing

Magnetic stripe analyser – cards and tickets
Mag-Tester 3000 Range

The Mag-Tester 3000 range offers powerful magnetic stripe quality control analysis of encoded and un-encoded magnetic media on cards and tickets – HiCo, LoCo and 650 Oersted. As the industry has come to expect from Barnes, the Mag-Tester 3000 range delivers the highest levels of test result accuracy and convenience to any magnetic stripe card and ticket manufacturing, bureau or QC environment.

Solution Highlights

  • Fast, reliable and accurate magnetic stripe quality control analysis for ISO and Mastercard CQM testing of unencoded and encoded HiCo, LoCo and 650 Oersted magnetic stripes on cards and tickets.
  • Easy to use providing various levels of analysis displays, diagnostic facilities and reporting to meet the differing needs of its users.
  • Suitable for ISO ID-1 and CR80 magnetic stripe cards and tickets.
  • Various models available with different levels of functionality to meet customers bespoke test requirements.

“The Barnes Mag-Tester Revo is one of the tools we show our customers when they visit our plant. Customers always want to know how we ensure the encoded data is GOOD! Revo is the answer to that question”

dz card, Thailand

Assure magnetic stripe durability and long life

Magnetic stripe wear tester
WEAR-Tester 3000

Magnetic stripe appearance and read-back unreliability due to wear and abrasion is a serious concern. Card Issuer reputation can be damaged by worn and unreadable magnetic stripes. Magnetic stripe cards must be tested to ensure compliance with ISO/IEC industry standards aimed at exposing weaknesses in magnetic stripe wear resistance. The WEAR-Tester 3000 enables tests on all types of magnetic stripe cards and TFCs (thin flexible cards) in compliance with these exacting ISO/IEC standards and CQM #3024#.

Solution Highlights

  • Tests ID1 magnetic stripe cards and TFCs (thin flexible cards) to ensure compliance with ISO/IEC industry standards aimed at exposing weaknesses in magnetic stripe.
  • A freestanding unit which enables automatic testing; once initiated, the test is run through to completion.

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