Barnes PVT for the VISA Certification Validation Process


Save time and money when submitting your cards to VISA for certification

Barnes CPT 3000v3CL PVT tool enables Issuers and Card Personalisation Bureaus to validate and pre-certify their cards against the latest payment scheme chip personalisation requirements and product rules. It is used to enhance quality assurance and ensure EMV® cards meet payment scheme specifications when sent for formal personalisation validation testing.

The tool is reinforced with Barnes’ expert support and helps Issuers & Bureaus speed up card development and time to market as well as quality control processes.

The Visa GPR PVT Certification Module, to be used for the certification validation process with Visa, complements the CPT3000v3CL PVT Tool used for final quality control during personalisation.


The new VISA preferred way to do card certification in EU: Self-Service Personalization Validation Testing with report submission facility

For the European market, the Visa GPR PVT Certification Module is significantly enhanced to conform to Visa PVT tool specification requirements.

Barnes Personalisation Validation Testing Tool complemented by the Visa GPR PVT Certification Module has been qualified by Visa in Europe (1st May 2020). It has become the first to be fully validated by Visa using the PVT Tool Qualification process, making it suitable for the Self-Service Personalisation Validation Testing process (European Region only).

Issuers and Card Personalisation Bureaus can now test their cards with the qualified tool and directly generate Pass results files for email submission into Visa Europe’s validation process. This means there is no need to send the physical cards to Visa Europe offices anymore. Saving you considerable time, effort and cost.  Sending Pass files eliminates multiple rounds of iterations of the card validation process.


  • Issuers and Card Personalisation Bureaus can purchase Barnes CPT 3000v3CL PVT Tool.
  • Existing CPT 3000v3CL users can simply complement it with the Visa GPR PVT module.
  • Existing Visa GPR PVT module users in Europe can upgrade to include the new Visa CCRT report submission facility.


CPT/CAT 3.65 with the latest Visa GPR PVT Certification Test Module 3.9.000 is now available. Download the latest version here.


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    * EMV is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries, and owned by EMVCo.

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