Barnes CPT: the 1st Visa-qualified Test Tool for Self-Service PVT

The CPT 3000v3CL from Barnes International is the FIRST Visa-Qualified Test Tool for Self-Service Personalization Validation Testing with report submission facility Barnes International Limited [...]

Barnes has released the new version 3.62 of its CPT/CAT PVT Tool

September 2020 Barnes International is pleased to announce that a new version 3.62.0 of the Barnes CPT & CAT Software used by Issuers, Payment Schemes, Personalisation Bureaus and [...]

Barnes and FIME release new version of CPV test tool

4th June 2020 – Barnes International Limited and FIME‘s Personalisation Validation Tool (PVT) has been qualified against the latest Mastercard PVT Release 2020 Requirements v13.1 for [...]

Barnes releases a new version of the Visa GPR PVT Module

Barnes International releases a new version of the Visa GPR PVT Module allowing Self-Service PVT Process Qualified test tool enables Issuers and Card Personalisation Bureaus in Europe to [...]