Barnes Smart Solutions releases P3 v1.9.3

September 2020
Barnes Smart Solutions, an innovative technology driven solutions company and part of the Barnes International Group announced the release of a new version of their EMV® data preparation software solution called P3 v1.9.3.

P3 is a turnkey solution comprising of a Windows-based application and a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 approved hardware security module (HSM).  It provides a simple low cost EMV data preparation solution for issuers to migrate from magnetic stripe cards to EMV smart cards.

The P3 data preparation system is used for issuance of cards and EMV tokens and can be used in a variety of applications.  It can also be configured in multiple different ways to satisfy the needs of both complete in-house card issuance, branch instant issuance and in-house data preparation only services.  The solutions also integrate readily with card issuer’s legacy card management systems (CMS) and with systems that personalise information onto smart cards, payment devices, EMV tokens and provisioning systems of mobiles.


The new release includes the following feature updates:
  • Support for the Thales payShield 10K
  • TLS connections between P3 and HSM
  • TLS support for TCP/IP job submission by host systems.
  • Import EMV profile files from Mastercard Profile Advisor (MPA) and
    Visa Personalisation Assistant (VPA) applications.
  • Full P3 Key Management functionality via an API


Gill Oosthuizen, Technical Director of Barnes Smart Solutions, said: “The focus of the new release is not only to enhance the security between the P3 software and the HSM but also to increase productivity through the support of an API that automates setup and key management. The latest version of P3 also incorporates solutions to various minor change requests and supports the latest Windows operating systems.”

Barnes Smart Solutions was formed in 2017 with a focus on building the capacity to service current customers of the EMV® data preparation software solution called “P3”, further develop & enhance the P3 product family and to provide ongoing maintenance support.  Being part of the Barnes International group, which is 29 years old and headquartered in the UK, with offices around the world in US, China, Malaysia, India, Portugal, Spain, South Africa and Kenya allows Barnes Smart Solutions to reach all customers for sales and support.

Susan Higgo, Managing Director at Barnes Smart Solutions, said: “We are very proud to issue our second major release of P3 since the migration of the product. This release illustrates our commitment to ensure P3 remains relevant and one of the best-of-breed data preparation solutions available, while maintaining flexibility to meet any card issuing requirement.”

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