New Version of Mastercard CPV – Barnes CPT v4 (CPVPVT2) Now Available

November 2023

Following the release by Mastercard of Profile Advisor v1.3.17 and Rule Set v320, the Mastercard CPV process will change.

Main updates in Profile Advisor v1.3.17 include:
The Profile Advisor is updated to support a new generation of Personalization Validation Tool (PVT) CPT v4 CPVPVT2.
Profile Advisor is now able to generate the applicable test plans at the same time as the card profile, and embedding them in machine-readable format in the .profile file. The latest generation of CPVPVT2.0 can directly retrieve that test plan from the .profile file and use it as input to personalization validation. Therefore, the CPVPVT2.0 no longer requires the XML “Addon” files as input to validate the card personalisation profile.

The requirements implemented in CPVPVT2 are:

  • M/Chip Requirements for Contact and Contactless, April 2023
  • M/Chip Personalization Data Specifications for Contact and Contactless, March 2023

Existing users of Barnes Mastercard CPV module can upgrade to the new CPT v4 CPVPVT2 with ease, please contact

CPT v4 CPVPVT2.0 complements Barnes existing Card Validation Test Tools, the CAT 3000v3CL and CPT 3000v3CL. Existing users of CPT 3000v3CL and CAT3000v3CL can also add the new CPVPVT2, please contact

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