What do our past and existing customers say?

Having worked with organizations all over the world, we ensure that the service they receive from our team is of the highest standard. Take a look below to see what our customers have to say about working with us, along with our magnetic stripe and card chip testing solutions and our training and consultancy services.

  • "Delivering the highest quality security solutions to our customers is fundamental to our continued success. To enable us to manage our clients' card programs and complex security needs with flexibility, reliability and confidence we invest in the latest technologies, and source the best industry experience and global expertise. It is for those reasons we chose Barnes to deliver EMV training and are implementing the Barnes magnetic stripe and EMV chip test tools in our Security Printing facilities."

    United Printing and Publishing, UAE
  • "Burgan Bank continually aims to provide the best quality products and services to meet the changing and growing demands of its valued consumers. Selecting the Barnes test tool is part of our ongoing commitment to our customers to invest in technology which creates added value and convenience through the implementation of best practices."

    Burgan Bank, Kuwait
  • "Cardel purchased a Barnes Revo test machine to supplement and enhance existing testing ability for our prelaid mag stripe on overlay production. The equipment is used by our production operators and R&D technicians continually every day for checking the quality of our mag stripe materials and for batch release testing of our magnetic stripe prelaid overlay products. Ease of use is, in my opinion, best in the market and the Quality and performance of the machine is consistent. The ability to test a range of materials without having to adjust the head height or pressure is particularly beneficial."

    Cardel, UK
  • "We know the CPT3000v3CL tool from the advice of our main supplier of EMV cards, Gemalto. This tool is very useful because it guarantees that the personalized cards by PLANAD (VISA, Mastercard PURE white label) comply with the agreed specifications. It is, in fact, a guarantee that our service is properly performed. Today, we use Barnes test tools every time we finish any card production. We are very satisfied with the CPT test tool and we also participated in an EMV Training course organized by Barnes in order to deepen our knowledge."

    Planad, Angola
  • "The Barnes Mag-Tester Revo is one of the tools we show our customers when they visit our plant. Customers always want to know how we ensure the encoded data is GOOD! Revo is the answer to that question"

    dz card, Thailand
  • "I have used the CAT 3000v3CL; it is a great product, easy to use and useful for detailed testing for contact and contactless cards. Host simulation is a great feature and you can test APDUs using the Engineering Tool. It's an all in one!"

    Investec, South Africa
  • "As a manufacturer of magnetic stripe under the CFC brand name we need to be looking at our product in exactly the same way as our customers are doing; as it became apparent that the Barnes tester was increasingly becoming the standard mag tester of choice around the world it was an easy decision to purchase one from Barnes for our own in-house process control tests."

    ITW Card Technologies
  • "Barnes is a strong partner for all testing of products in dz card group. We are very happy with the quality and service as well as the personal touch given by the management. Thanks!"

    dz card (International)
  • "Barnes International is a well recognized brand on today's global market and visiting our clients I've seen them appreciating CPT as an invaluable product with lots of extraordinary knowledge behind it. While being primarily dedicated to card validation and testing, its ability to transfer EMV knowledge is being widely appreciated by our software developers every day."

    EFTlab, Australia
  • "We have used Barnes Mag-Testers for more than 17 years. They are invaluable as a design tool and for production support providing the reliability we need. The friendly and efficient support is also much appreciated"

    Ultra Electronics, UK

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