EMV Personalization Validation Test Tools

Maintain the highest standards in card personalization quality control

EMV personalization validation testing enables issuers and card bureaus to validate and pre-certify their cards against the latest payment scheme specifications, as well as the issuer’s business requirements. This prevents the costly production of invalid EMV cards and delays in the formal card certification process.


Essential for card and payment application development and certification testing

To ensure new EMV products comply with the chosen payment scheme’s personalization requirements, test laboratories can perform pre-certification checks using Barnes approved tools. This speeds up the formal payment scheme card approval process and reduces laboratory-testing costs.

Used by

Card manufacturers and payment schemes

Payment application developers

Financial institutions, banks and card issuers

Test laboratories

Personalization bureaus or TSMs

Essential for

EMV chip and magnetic stripe personalization data validation

EMV migration

Product development

Payment scheme certification


Improves manufacturing quality assurance

Reduces laboratory testing costs

Speeds up formal payment scheme card approval process

Reduces time and costs of EMV Certification

EMV Personalization Validation Test Tool
CPT 3000v3

The Barnes CPT 3000v3 is a Personalization Validation Tool (PVT) widely used by companies involved in the manufacture, test, certification and issuance of EMV cards. It is used to enhance quality assurance practices, and ensure EMV cards meet stringent payment scheme specifications when sent for formal certification testing. As with all Barnes Test Tools, the CPT 3000v3 is easy to use providing various levels of reporting and analysis to meet the differing needs of its users.

Solution Highlights

  • With a simple card insertion, performs quick and accurate tests of personalization data in single or multiple applications on the EMV chip and magnetic stripe to ensure data is correct and valid according to issuer templates/ card profiles and all major payment scheme specifications and standard profiles.
  • Test results include Pass / Fail data displays and detailed test result logs with hyperlinks to the EMV and payment scheme specifications to allow the user to quickly identify and resolve problems.
  • Supports all EMV payment applications:
    • CPT 3000v3CL: personalisation validation of contact, contactless and dual interface EMV cards to ensure cards contain consistent information over both contact and magnetic stripe interfaces and personalisation complies with Visa (VIS), Mastercard M/Chip, Amex AEIPS, JCB, Discover/ Diners, UnionPay/ PBOC and National payment scheme rules such as GIE CB, Interac, RuPay, mada, JetCo, plus mobile NFC and compliance with Visa payWave and Mastercard PayPass™ / Advance, Amex ExpressPay, J/Speedy and many others.
    • CPT 3000v3ML mobile payment validation over SWP interfaces. Test scripts validate against Visa VMCPS, Mobile MasterCard PayPass and Amex ExpressPay Mobile.
  • Developed in collaboration with Visa, Mastercard, Amex and other payment schemes; used by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, major banks and card bureaus globally.
  • Barnes customers benefit from regular test scripts updates made available via the Barnes website.
Barnes 3K7 reader
CPT Software Overview
Details Tree

Enables batch testing and QC for issuing valid EMV cards

EMV Personalization Validation Test Tool
CPT Batch

The Barnes CPT Batch is a Personalization Validation Tool (PVT) widely used for Batch Testing by companies involved in the manufacture, test, certification and issuance of EMV cards.

The new Barnes 60H Motorized Triple Interface Reader working with Barnes CPT Batch software allows you to gain efficiency when testing batches of cards. The user can stack up to 60 embossed cards for testing and free up staff to perform other work while the tests are performed without further user intervention.

Barnes 60H reader

We know the CPT3000v3CL tool from the advice of our main supplier of EMV cards, Gemalto. This tool is very useful because it guarantees that the personalized cards by PLANAD (VISA, Mastercard PURE white label) comply with the agreed specifications. It is in fact a guarantee that our service is properly performed. Today, we use Barnes test tools every time we finish any card production. We are very satisfied with the CPT test tool and we also participated in an EMV Training course organized by Barnes in order to deepen our knowledge.

Planad, Angola

Develop EMV test scripts for proprietary applications

EMV Personalization Validation Test Tool & Test Script Development Tool
CAT 3000v3

Chip card issuers developing more advanced proprietary payments applications or issuing cards embedded with multiple applications such as EMV and loyalty, e-security and mobile payments choose the Barnes CAT 3000v3. It adds to the test, analysis and reporting capabilities of the CPT 3000v3 to provide test script development. This allows the user to easily write custom scripts to meet their more complex test requirements.

Solution Highlights

  • Adds to the functionality of the Barnes EMV Personalization Validation Test Tool (CPT 3000v3) to provide test script development capabilities whatever the payment application.
  • Users can easily and rapidly develop test suites for a wide variety of chip card applications such as EMV, Loyalty and E-security.
  • Ideal for chip card developers, manufacturers, bureaus and issuers who are looking to validate more complex proprietary payment applications, or test multi-application products.
  • Developed in collaboration with Visa and Mastercard, and used by Visa, Mastercard, major banks and card bureaus globally.
Test Report

“I have used the CAT 3000v3CL; it is a great product, easy to use and useful for detailed testing for contact and contactless cards. Host simulation is a great feature and you can test APDUs using the Engineering Tool. It’s an all in one!”

Investec, South Africa

Accelerate payment scheme certification and card issuance

Each test module complements Barnes EMV Card Validation Test Tools

Add Certification Test Modules to your CPT 3000v3 / CAT 3000v3:

ATH, BancNet, Credibanco, CUP, Discover D-PAS, EBC, eftpos CPC, EMVCO L3, FIME-CPV, GIE CB, GIMAC, Interac, JCB HCE, JCB HPA, JCB J/Smart, JCB J/Speedy, mada, Mastercard CPV, MCCS, NCCC, NETS, NSICCS, PayPak, RuPay, Troy BKM, Visa GPR PVT, …

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