New Solution for Batch Testing

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The New Barnes 60H Motorized Triple Interface Reader working with Barnes CPT Batch software brings unparalleled automation and efficiency when testing small batches of EMV chip and dual interface cards.

The operator can stack up to 60 embossed cards for testing and free up time to perform other work while the tests are performed automatically and without further user intervention.

The Barnes CPT BATCH is a Personalization Validation Tool (PVT) widely used for Batch Testing by companies involved in the manufacture, test, certification and issuance of EMV cards.

Existing CPT3000v3CL users can benefit from this new functionality by a simple cost-effective upgrade.





The Advantages of Batch Testing

  • Allows more cards to be tested.
    Testing during production ensures that problems are found before costly card issuance and then required replacement of bad cards that get out into the field. Testing more means less likely to have any bad cards leave the factory.
  • Batch Testing using the hopper frees up time for operator staff to concentrate on other areas of their task while the testing completes automatically.

  • A quick glance at the overall batch results shows pass or fail in a very short time. Any fail result can be isolated and analyzed  in the results quickly, to determine if the card is allowed out of the factory or not.
  • Reduce wasted operator time moving from personalization machine to testing station for individual card testing. Potential reduction of 116 time wasting journeys if 60 cards tested in a batch.
  • Automated Rainbow batch testing, mixed card issuances in same batch, tests picked based on data on the cards themselves and with pre-determined card scenarios. No user intervention needed. No time wasted.
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