New Version 3.66 of Barnes CPT/CAT PVT Tool Now Available!

June 2022

Barnes International has released a new version of the CPT/CAT 3000v3CL Personalization Validation Tool Software to improve the user experience.

Version 3.66.0 (Jun 2022) adds:

  • Product enhancements;
  • Quality Control Specification updates;
  • Payment Scheme Personalization profiles updates (Amex, CUP, Discover, Verve);
  • Test Lab Certification Library and Other Optional Module updates (JSmart 3.X, J/Smart 2, Visa, Verve (PURE) , TWIN, CB-Legacy, CB-CPACE, EFTPOS, Mastercard Interface and application profiles, Discover DPAS Connect Dual Interface Certification, NPCI RuPay DFS DI, NPCI qSparc).


We highly recommend that all users update their existing CPT or CAT installation. To do so, please download the required update package which also includes the update instructions at (“Product Downloads”).

New version 3.66.0 of the Barnes CPT available!
Update your tool to v3.66.0 HERE


FAQ – Software Updates


Why is it important to update my CPT Personalization Validation Tool?

All users are recommended to update their tool in order to keep up with Payment Scheme requirements and to benefit from these improvements.

How do I update my CPT to the new version?

Customers wishing to update their existing CPT or CAT 3000v3 installation can download the required update package from our support page (“Product Downloads”).
The product release notes and update instructions are available within the downloadable zip file.

Do I have to pay?

The software updates require no extra cost and are already included in your licence fee.

How do I know what CPT version I am currently using?

To check which version you are currently using: please open your CPT or CAT 3000v3 software and click on Help/ About.



If you have any questions or need more comprehensive update instructions, please email

For more information about Barnes EMV Personalization Validation Test Tools, please visit: or contact our team at


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